Beauty Tips for Winter

Beauty Tips for Winter

We all know how every part of our body dries out and is affected when Winter hits! So I have made a list of tips and recommendations to keep every part of your body WINTER PROOF!


Firstly I'm going to state the obvious and tell you to keep hydrated by drinking water. It's easy not to want to drink as much water as we don't get hot and feel as thirsty but your body still very much needs 2-3L of the good old H2O daily.


Make sure you are using a cream cleanser and definitely NOT soap or anything that foams. You will become a prune! My favorite is Trilogy cream cleanser; it’s full of essential oils for nourishing.


There isn’t always a need to change your moisturizer. If you are happy with the one you have just simply add a few drops of Organic Rose Hip oil to it at night time.  If you are however running low on your summer moisturizer when you replace it try and get one that may be slightly heavier in texture for that extra comfort.


Another great idea is to invest in a serum/booster, preferably one that contains Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid is a water holding molecule that helps keep your skin hydrated. This goes on your clean dry skin before your moisturizer.

Then finish off with a good quality rich eye cream. The skin around your eye is half the thickness to that which is on your face. It also has no sebaceous glands (therefore no natural lubrication), collagen or elastin fibers. Not to mention it is under constant strain with blinking etc. So its no surprise this is where most of us will find our first sign of fine lines appear. - Eye Cream is a must all year round!


Exfoliating is a huge key in winter. Not necessarily doing it more but making sure you actually do it. 1-2 times a week is more then enough but so important. It removes the dead layer of cells to allow your moisturizer to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin where fresh lives cells are. When your cells are well hydrated they plump up therefore giving you healthy glowing skin, crepe paper, line free!

When choosing an Exfoliant though be mindful not to use the cheap granule ones as they can scratch your face causing more damage then good. You also need to be mindful not to over exfoliate as this will strip your skin of the moisture you're wanting to make sure stays.



Most people would forget to look after their skin on their body. It needs attention just as much as your face does. Make sure you exfoliate 1-2 times a week. Using those exfoliating gloves is perfect! Yet again though avoid soap! Try use a cleansing cream or oil. I can highly recommend QV Body Wash, it is found in most chemists.


Then you need to remember to Moisturize! Don’t be lazy; once you have dried yourself in the shower put some body cream on. A good tip to make sure you use you body cream is to buy one that is in a pump bottle and leave it on your basin so you see it and think to use it. I can recommend QV Body cream, (great for people who suffer from eczema and dermatitis).



Everyone has their favorite lip balm of choice. However make sure what you are using on your lips isn't harmful and glorified Vaseline *If you use non organic paw paw ointments I'm looking at you*. These can often block your sebaceous glands lining the lip causing blackheads and even pimples. Not to mention I'd rather not put petroleum on my lips thanks.

If you do find your lips are rough and in need of an exfoliation using your toothbrush is a good trick then follow it with your lip balm!


Hands and Nails:

Using a good quality hand cream is the only way to help prevent the dry cracked nails and cuticles. As well as that horrible dry dehydrated feel on your hands.

Something extra you can do for your cuticles if you find they are still cracking is cuticle oil. Most nail ranges will have one of these in their range.

Using a foot file or pumas stone once a week on your feet then applying body cream (QV body cream) then putting socks on is a great way to keep your feet looking soft and not dried out and cracked.


Sun Protection

Don’t be fooled by the sun not feeling as harsh or the fact you're “not laying in the sun”. The UV rays are still very much out and can cause a lot of damage still. Fun fact the reflection off snow causes more damage than anything else. So keep your SPF applications especially on your face up every day.


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