How do you know if your Mineral Make up is the real deal?

How do you know if your Mineral Make up is the real deal?

Mineral make up can be a very loosely used term. Not always are they true minerals that are good for your skin! Since I know not everyone has studied cosmetic chemistry I’ve listed a few ingredients to keep an eye out for that you should try and avoid.

Ingredients to avoid.

Talc- this is a big one! It’s very irritating to the skin. It technically is a mineral and that is how these make up brands are getting away with writing “mineral” on their products. This however is a mineral you want to stay away from. On a more concerning note it’s also been listed as a possible carcinogenic. For this reason I highly recommend you don’t use actual talcum powder on yourself or your children either!

Bismuth oxychloride. A reaction to this may result in redness, itchy skin, irritation, the appearance of small bumps or pustules, burning or swelling. Sounds fun!

Bismuth alone is very harmful to the skin so it goes through a nice technical process which ends up bismuth, chlorine and oxygen. Thus making Bismuth oxychloride. Some people may find they have no problems with bismuth oxychloride in their products and if this is the case feel free to use.

Mica – try and avoid this in your products it's classified as non hypo-allergenic. Lots of people find they are allergic to Mica. It’s usually in eye color products and can cause swelling and itchiness. It is quite hard to find products that are mica free however.

FD&C Dyes- these dyes are derived from petroleum or coal tar. Where coal tar is obtained the derivatives are concerning for many reasons. Two major being, they cause cancer in animals but they are also causes of allergic reactions such as rashes and hives.

Chemical dyes are usually comedogenic especially red dyes which are commonly found in our blushes! Yikes! So if you find you have bumps and lumps where you put your blush this could be a reason why.

Synthetic preservatives: these are absorbed very easily into the bloodstream, not always a good thing! They also can cause lots of skin irritations, swelling, redness, itchiness and eczema.

Parabens: these nasty little things clog and congest your skin. They can also cause irritation and inflammation in worse case scenarios.

Hopefully you have learnt soemthing from this and will be able to go make up shopping armed with a bit more knowledge.

3 Brands I recommend are; Jane iredale, Arbonne and Youngblood.


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