Underarm Pigmentation, Sensitive Skin and Stretch Marks..3 Common Skin Issues.

Underarm Pigmentation, Sensitive Skin and Stretch Marks..3 Common Skin Issues.

Chances are if you have clicked on this Blog you have at least 1 of the Skin issues mentioned. While it is hard to accurately diagnose or suggest possible causes without visually seeing your skin below might be able to offer possible solutions.

Underarm Pigmentation.

These can darken due to perspiration. The sweat doesn’t dry out properly in the folds of your underarms and produces uric acid which darkens your skin. Genetics, poor quality deodorants can also play a part.

Possible Fix:

Try waxing or Laser hair removal if you have dark pigmented hair as the roots of your hairs can stay visible under your skin if you just shave. Ingrown hairs can also make your underarms appear darker. If you use depilatory creams they too can cause darkness. Stop using them and see if you see a change. Also look into your choice of deodorant, try one of the clinical ones which help absorb sweat better.

Sensitive skins.

Sensitive skins can sometimes be due to genetics or allergies. However alot of the time we sensitize our own skin due choice of skincare products. Toner's, soap based products and harsh defoliants are usually the main cause.

Possible Fix:

If you have sensitive skin make sure you choose products that are hypoallergenic. Try and stay away from anything with perfumes or essential oils.Tomato in products can be really soothing for skins with broken capillaries and experiencing redness. Vitamin C serums are also great for sensitive skins and conditions such as rosacea.

Unfortunately ones the acid mantel is damaged it's hard to repair it. Avoid Toner's, cleansers that foam and over exfoliation. Also try and avoid spicy foods, really hot showers and excessive alcohol as these will all contribute to an increase in redness and broken capillaries.

Stretch marks

This is a tearing of collagen from the skin. Once they are there I’m sorry to say its hard to make them disappear. If they are red in colour this means there is still blood flowing to them so there is hope to reduce the appearance and size.

Possible Fix

Bio Oil or certified organic rose hip oil is your best friend in this case. Exercise, exfoliating (especially with a coffee Scrub) and massaging is great to encourage blood flow and to deliver oxygen to the area. And of course MOISTURISE.

A great Coffee Scrub I recommend is The Pure Essentials Coffee Scrub- this product has essential oils in it to which will help hydrate the skin. Its also Vegan!


Hopefully this helps give a little bit of info and a few ideas you might be able to try.


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