Beef Lasagna Recipe

Beef Lasagna Recipe

Beef Lasagna by KobeeByrne


500 grams extra lean beef mince
200 grams Coles smooth light ricotta
300 grams mushroom
300 grams red capsicum
6 mountain bread wraps
150 grams light mozzarella
160 grams master food cheese sauce
350 grams pasta val verde sauce  


Cook the beef mince, capsicum & mushroom until the mince is brown, add 300 grams Val verde sauce. Remove from the heat.
Use a 24cm baking tray, add 50 grams of pasta sauce to the bottom of the tray.
Add 1 & 1/4 mountain bread wrap.
Add a layer of ricotta over the wrap
Add a few scoops of beef mince mix
Sprinkle 25 gram mozzarella over the mince
Add another mountain bread wrap and repeat 3 times.
Top layer add cheese sauce and sprinkle 90grams mozzarella over the top and cook for 20 mins or until golden brown.

Cut and serve into six pieces

Macros 24 carb 11 fat 34 protein
Cals 338


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