How to stay motivated in Winter!

How to stay motivated in Winter!

It can be hard to get up and get going in the colder darker winter months!! However just because it's cold doesn't mean you should stop moving!

Here we have some perfect tips to keep you going!!!

1. Make a routine that you can stick to, whether that means the same time each day or simply being organised with meals and clothes etc. With your clothes set-up and ready to go, you will increase your chances of getting in an early morning workout before the gruelling day ahead.

2. Always keep a workout bag packed in your car or close to your door. This will give you no excuse not to go to the gym, even on those dark and dreary nights. Remember, completing some exercise is always better than doing nothing.

3. Putting your workouts in your diary all year round is a great idea!! Those that commit in writing are up to SIX times more likely to get to the gym and get that workout done. Scheduling time for a workout means you don't have the 'I don't have time' or 'I can't fit it in' excuse. 

4. Set a goal!! Many gym-goers set a goal in the run-up to summer time, so why not do the same for winter? Doing this will help motivate you to sustain your exercise regime throughout the cold winter season. Help yourself by downloading one of the many fitness apps available online, set yourself a realistic target and don't give up until you reach it.

5. Organise to train with a mate or attend a class. Having someone to be accountable to often is motivation enough!

6. Have a back-up plan!! There will be some days – probably those mornings when it feels colder than the rest, when getting out of the house to exercise simply doesn’t seem possible, in this case, having a back-up plan is key. Have a few pre planned quick home workouts or apps downloaded so you can get some movement in for the day! Make every day count, even the cold ones. Try YouTube for at-home HIIT sessions, or try an exercise DVD.

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