5 Easy ways You Can Become More Eco Friendly.

5 Easy ways You Can Become More Eco Friendly.

There is a huge move these days where people are becoming more and more conscious of the fact we use too much plastic etc and that we are rapidly destroying the earth.

There are many ways you can try and reduce your carbon footprint and it doesn't involve not showering for weeks or becoming a hippy. Unless you love the Hippy El natural life then you guys are leading he way!

Below are a few Simple ways you can change. It all makes a difference!

1.Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

How many times a week will you get a takeaway coffee cup? And how many times are you waiting in line while at least 10 others are also doing the same? What if you used your own Environmentally friendly cup each time and saved that many cups from being added to landfill?

2. Shopping at Op Shops

Op Shops are actually really cool to look in. You will find bargains in there also! Reusing perfectly good clothes that no one wants anymore or even appliances/glasses/bowls etc rather then buying brand new will make a huge difference to the Earth and your Wallet!

3. Refuse Produce Bags/ buy your own reusable ones

Don't use those plastic produce bags for your fruits and veggies in the supermarket. They don't give you plastic bags (which is an amazing change finally) but you can still use plastic to put your fruit and veggies in? You can either buy reusable produce bags to take each time or just rest them in one of your reusable shopping bags you already have and just take everything out when you get to the checkout.

4.Use Beeswax wraps instead of Cling Wrap

A simple cotton fabric off cut to wrap sandwiches and food in the minimize single use plastic in your lunchboxes is a sure fast way to reduce plastic amongst us all.

5. Say No to Straws

Every time you order a drink at a restaurant or a bar ask them for no straw. Straws just find their way into our waterways and then straight into our oceans and into the stomachs of innocent marine animals. If you Need a straw try get your own reusable metal straws.

These are very easy changes to make and if we can all make them it will make a huge impact to our world we live in.

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