Do you dare daydream?!

Do you dare daydream?!

Do you dare daydream?

Being a daydreamer always helped me imagine the life I wanted and how I wanted to be, but growing up, this became more of a hindrance than a saviour. Coming from a family of practical thinkers, daydreaming was always seen as a non productive way to spend my time and so was always reminded of how much time I wasted. What stemmed from this misguided direction was that I developed a nervous process of decision making, ‘if not this, then what should I do with my
time and would spending my time differently produce an acceptable outcome,’ sort of scenario. To avoid anymore confusion, my life took the path of what appeared to be the acceptable direction, but one that ended up confusing me even more. How long I wondered, is a reasonable amount of time you can you live contrary to the way you truly believe in your heart of hearts you could be living? In my case, pushing down the urge to live a different way was only going to serve me mentally for so long, something had to change and slowly it did. Beginning to follow what made me come alive and let the song in my heart sing, was what helped me to find what was my truth and what it was I believed in. Dreams kept showing me, coincidences, or as like to believe, synchronicities kept showing up and all different manners of signs began to show me what lit me up. The more I tried to mute the volume, the louder the messages became. Finally, I listened to my inner voice and I began to remember the love I had with indulging my imagination.
Returning to daydreaming for me, became an opportunity to see the potential I had to be myself. In this version, there was an opportunity to experience what that even meant, working beyond the narrative of not being good enough or that the wrong decision would probably be made. This time around, an interest of finding out more of what the beat of my drum sounded like emerged and with
that, an eagerness to step away from well rehearsed predictability to see what my metal was really made of.
Over time I recognised that daydreaming was an essential ingredient to my growth. It had gone beyond an indulgence to a powerful way to challenge thought patterns, belief systems and to see ways of uncovering what lay beneath the mire of conditioning. It was during these times, the gifts and talents I wanted to share with the world came to the fore and working out what my bigger purpose for my wonderful, precious life might be.
Going through the motions was never going to be enough, if I was going to be true to a new way to live, a willingness to wade through the muck was required. It was tough, sometimes agonising and really emotional, but I found my passion for encouraging others to also chase their dreams got me  excited like nothing else. There’s a determination within now, that drives me to be as authentic as I
can be, to uncover and celebrate my unique qualities and live as my soul longs for. It’s a challenge I encourage anyone who has an inkling towards a different path to take. It can be overwhelming to consider uncovering vulnerabilities and choosing alternative ways of approaching decision making, but daydreaming may just be the ticket.

What could you do if there was nothing holding you back, what direction would you take if there were no constraints on your decision and
restraints on your purse? This daydream could well and truly lead you finding something out about yourself you hadn’t considered and set you right on your way towards living a life full of unveiled potential.
Sitting right inside each of us, is something extremely special and the world we share needs your kind of wonderful. I want to live in a world where you live a life that lights you up.

Your visions and dreams are amazing, just like mine are and if you haven’t found what yours are yet, dare to dream, or even daydream and see where your dreams can take you.

Brandi Morris Yoga Teacher and Daydream Advocate

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