Did you over Indulged this Holiday Season?

Did you over Indulged this Holiday Season?

Chances are if you're human, you would have at some point over eaten/drank too much adult juice, stopped your usual exercise routine or just vegged out at home therefore not being as active as you normally would be.


It's probably at this point now that you start to feel regret for your choices and yolo approach to the last few weeks.

You might be experiencing low and sluggish moods, Low energy levels, bloating, Discomfort in the stomach area, softer more cuddly layers appearing, headaches and even trouble going to the toilet.

I Just want to let you know that its completely alright! Whats done is done, and you enjoyed yourself and more then likely made amazing memories with family and friends. This is amazing for your soul!

Your body will return to normal once you get your routine back.

Here are some tips to keep on track while you might be away on holidays or trying to get back into the swing of things

  • Stop overeating just because its holidays. Try and be consciously aware.
  • Make healthier choices in your foods you're choosing to consume.
  • Cut down on Alcohol consumed
  • HYDRATE! Get on the good old H2o to help rehydrate and flush that body! aim for 2.5L-3L a day.
  • Get MOVING again, if you're not near a gym there are many other ways to move, eg walking, or using nature and your own body weight to create a simple circuit. (we have many workouts that don't require equipment on our Instagram)
  • Get your sleep pattern more regular, Sleep play a huge part in how our body responds, feels and looks. So try and make sure you're getting adequate sleep in.

If you're finding your tummy bloat won't go away and Foods you're eating all just seem to not want to digest, I highly recommend DIGEST by The Pure Essentials

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