How to survive Valentine's Day!

How to survive Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day!!! We either love it, hate it or really don’t care about it. For some of us it can quite literally be stressful and we feel the pressure to celebrate if you’re in a relationship or survive if you’re single!

Feeling excluded from the “love club” can have us locking ourselves away and reaching for the tub of ice-cream and wine whilst watching Netflix…

And for couples the idea we need to prove “our love” to one another on this one day can be quite an expensive event, feeling the need to spend extra dollars on those extravagant flowers and meals for some couples is quite unrealistic!

BUT it doesn’t have to be like this!!

 So how do you get through such a time you ask? Well below is my top tips for valentines survival!!

SINGLES!! Stop complaining! Look, I get it. Being single on a day that celebrates conspicuous consumption disguised as romantic love makes you feel like you’re especially defective. You want that intimacy, the casual closeness, the sex, even the validation that comes with having someone to love and someone who loves you back. Being lonely is a painful feeling and it gnaws at your gut like a hamster with an eating disorder. It’s understandable that you’re going to want to grumble and vent. But all that complaining does is a) annoy other people and b) make things worse for yourself. One of the things that happens when you complain over and over again – even when people are kind enough to listen to you the first couple times – is you reinforce the problem!

We feel this urgent need to settle for less than we deserve or that we need to rush love, tic tock tick tock!! But you know what? ITS OK TO BE ALONE!!! If you can learn to love your own company, work on yourself and ensure your happiness is met. Then there is no need to feel like you’re missing out! There is no RIGHT time, and we should never have to settle!! Spend time with friends who lift you up and make you laugh and treat yourself to a meal or freshen up the house with flowers you got yourself. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have your own back ladies!!!

-Scroll past the soppy social media posts or those big noting their extravagant flower deliveries

-Tinder and dating sights traffic increases during the valentines day period. Avoid making plans for the valentines night and steer clear of any emotional turmoil it may cause you!

-Ignore the ‘meal deals’ in supermarkets aimed at couples, no 2 for 1 MnMs packets, treat yourself to a bottle of prosecco and a meal for one

-Ignore the smug co worker comments, or better yet go online and order yourself a large sex toy to be delivered to work 😉

-That guy who ghosted you two months ago suddenly texts to see if you fancy a drink later. Everyone else is copping off this week — love is in the air, on the telly and all over the shops — so why shouldn’t you? Have some pride, woman. You do not want to date a flaky ghoster who couldn’t care less about your feelings.

 COUPLES!!! You do not need a day a year to show the person you care about that you care!!!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, our thoughts turn to the often-tricky area of romantic relationships. Along with the hearts and flowers come the inevitable difficulties and pressures, even in the best-suited couples. So let’s not ignore the potential problems that can arise, but instead, focus on how best to survive them.

Almost everyone lists relationship difficulties as among their top causes of stress. Although we have a need to be connected to others, our relationships commonly are a source of misery. For those in a new relationship valentines can be a tricky and awkward area. Even those in long term relationships can become complacent and
-Make time for each other on a daily basis

-don’t use valentines day as an excuse as to why you cant profess your love or spoil your partner if you are able to do so

-if finances are tight, don’t fall into the trap of spending the extra dollars, a simple dinner together with no interruptions is a nice way of connecting with your partner!!

There are also supplements you can incorporate into your diet to help reduce stress on a daily basis. ATP science Cort Rx, alongside a multivitamin and adrenal switch are all helpful to adapt and reduce the internal stress from triggers.

 So to wrap it up, you don’t need to suffer on valentines day whether alone or in a relationship!! It can still be fun and you don’t need to feel pressured.

Take control of your life and make this the last Valentine’s Day you have to feel like you are missing out on something, even if it is a cheeky gift to yourself or a new pair of shoes!


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