Make the most of the long weekend!

Make the most of the long weekend!

There's a sense of excitement, of adventure, of 'anything-could-happen-ness' that comes with a three-day weekend. That's why we're already getting excited for the Queen's Birthday long weekend happening throughout most of the country come June 13 (sorry Queensland, you'll have to wait for your turn on October 3rd).

The sad thing is, that even though you get a full three days off before you have to be back at work (more apologies, this may not apply to hospitality and retail workers), they still always seem to fly by so quickly.

When the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) and AMP got together to look at how Australians spend a normal weekend, they found that Saturdays are all about shopping and restocking (with many of us spending an hour on average on this task), while Sundays are for kicking back and relaxing - with an average of five hours downtime on this favourite day.

So how can we take these three days and make them feel like we've had a full week off? Try these tips!

Don't forget Friday: The week is long and exhausting, I get it. But if you're not planning something fun for your Friday night you're missing out on a key weekend extender. Too tired to go out? Make it a family movie night. Give yourself a break and get takeout and have a picnic on the living room floor. Anything to mix up the routine and relax.

Head away: Considering we tend to head away on holiday - for road trips, inter-state visits and overseas adventures - on longer breaks, it's a good way to feel like you've had much more time off. Pick somewhere you can get to quickly so you don't spend half the weekend travelling, then relax there for two or three nights.

Fill up your days: It's all too easy to while away an afternoon (or even a whole three-day weekend) by lazing around watching Game of Thrones reruns, then wonder where all that time went.

Instead, plan as many activities as possible. Go out for breakfast, hit the gym, spend an evening ten pin bowling or mini golf for a laugh, see a movie, visit the weekend markets and take your mum or a friend out for lunch. Getting lots done in a small space of time will help stretch out those days just a little bit further.

Give yourself down time: As much as you should aim to get plenty done over the long weekend, don't forget at least a little down time. This could be indulging in a wine with friends or reading a good book, so long as you rest up and let your batteries recharge for the week ahead.

Eat well: Sure, it's the weekend, which is pretty much designed to eat treats such as burgers and my personal fave DONUTS, but don't forget to give your body the nutrition it needs. Get a mix of good, healthy meals throughout the break and it will help you feel physically better and less tired, making that three-day weekend feel that much longer as you won't end it feeling like you need a detox!

Do spend some time planning your week. On Sunday night, or some other quiet time, glance at your calendar, and set goals for what you’d like to accomplish in your professional and personal life over the next 168 hours. Schedule these high-value activities in. Then once the working week  hits, you’re in a firefight. So figure out how you’ll advance your troops, rather than just hunkering down.



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