Health and Wellbeing

  • Shopping on a Budget
    May 12, 2020 Power Her Admin

    Shopping on a Budget

    As a lot of people are experiencing the loss of income or even just the fact, they have taken a pay cut these times can become quite stressful. The first thing we tend to do is to make financial adjustments...

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  • Did you over Indulged this Holiday Season?
    December 30, 2019 Sarah Jane Cox

    Did you over Indulged this Holiday Season?

    Chances are if you're human, you would have at some point over eaten/drank too much adult juice, stopped your usual exercise routine or just vegged out at home therefore not being as active as you normally would be.
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  • Bowel Cancer Awareness
    May 31, 2019 Nicole Anne

    Bowel Cancer Awareness

    1 in 13 Australians will be diagnosed with Bowel cancer in their lifetime. 15,604 Australians will be diagnosed this year!!! Bowel Cancer claims the lives of 103 Australians every week (5375 people per year), but it is one of the most treatable types of cancer if found early!!
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  • Make the most of the long weekend!
    May 31, 2019 Nicole Anne

    Make the most of the long weekend!

    There's a sense of excitement, of adventure, of 'anything-could-happen-ness' that comes with a three-day weekend. That's why we're already getting excited for the Queen's Birthday long weekend happening throughout most of the country come June 13 (sorry Queensland, you'll have...

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  • How to stay young!
    May 6, 2019 Nicole Anne

    How to stay young!

    I’m going to be honest here, the idea of aging scares me a little. I’m not talking a number or time in my life, it’s just the thought of slowing down and feeling brittle or tired and unable to do...

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