Dairy Free Easter

Dairy Free Easter

Dairy Free Easter…… Say WHAT?!!???

“A completely dairy free Easter?! Haha, you’ve got to be kidding me right now Cici!”

But no, hear me out!

Easter can 100% be enjoyable even when you cannot have dairy!

 Let me elaborate…
Whether you:
- are Lactose intolerant
- have a milk protein allergy or intolerance
- are Vegan

There is totally hope for you! How am I so sure?

Because I have been completely dairy free since 2014 – not by choice though haha let’s just get that part straight!

There came a day where suddenly I had to evict all Dairy from my life! Even the small and simple things that many people overlook like a bag of chips that say “MAY contain traces of milk” on the back of the label! You often find that commonly, most people think that when something says “may contain” on the back of it, it’s still okay to ingest it because it’s just warning the consumer that it’s got to say that for ‘shared equipment’ purposes. But let me tell you now… WHEN YOU HAVE A PROPER ALLERGY OR INTOLERANCE, you still cannot have the ‘may contain’ products because it’s still cross-contamination (no matter how minute the contamination is) it’s going to upset you – trust me, I know haha.


So, over the last 4-5 years, I’ve been waiting for society to hurry up and get on my level! I’ve been patiently waiting for someone to invent creative new products that are all dairy free, gluten free, artificial sweetener free, soy free and vegan!

And to my very luck…
2019 of the 21st century is finally supplying us the goods - woohoo!


Easter events used to be so sad there for a while because I couldn’t enjoy all those freely given out Cadbury Easter eggs, or the infamous box of favourites, or the family box of Roses chocolates! Man, my granny STILL buys me a box of Roses chocolate’s and I CANNOT even begin to explain to you just how many Easters I have told granny to stop buying me treats that I can’t have! Haha, but hey… At least I can re-gift them for someone else who can enjoy them at Easter time!

 Now if you’re like me…
And simply CANNOT enjoy the usual Easter Egg faves for whatever reason, let me enlighten you a little bit – there’s still hope!

There are so many wonderful Dairy free treat options now – it’s so exciting! And included in these Dairy Free Treat options is CHOCOLATE! YES! There is a bunch load of different dairy free chocolates that we can now enjoy! There never really used to be, but boy oh boy it’s a new dang day ain’t it – what a time to be alive!Now, let me just state the obvious here…
Anything that says VEGAN on it, is 100% Dairy free. You’re probably thinking… ‘Well, duh! It’s Vegan!”
But it’s like when you go to order a coffee at a mainstream Café and ask if they have any dairy free milk options and they say to you, “Oh yes, we have Lactose-free milk!” …
Ummm SMH! (Shaking my head)
So then, when you politely correct them and say, “Oh no, sorry, I can’t actually have the ‘Milk Protein’ which is still in the Lactose free milk, do you do any other Dairy Free alternates?”
Then most will respond with, “Oh yes, we do, we have Soy milk!”...

OMG SHH! Please don’t even get me started on Soy Milk! That’s for another blog entirely haha!

Like come on…
This is why it’s easier to just say I’m VEGAN! Because Vegan = 100% Dairy free, Lactose Free, Milk Protein FREE!
You’ll be lucky enough to find a café that does Almond, Cashew, Rice, Macadamia and Coconut Milk but when you do… it’s officially the new local HAHA.
I used to tell cafes and restaurants that I was Vegan all the time – it’s just so much easier haha! And since there are so many Vegans now, (like it’s almost a cool thing now to be ‘Vegan’ or something haha) there are just so many awesome options for all of us other people with proper Dairy Allergies and intolerances! IT’S A TRUE BLESSING!

 Here’s a quick list of some of my FAVOURITE Dairy Free Chocolate Treats:

  • PANA Chocolate
    (Oh boy, these are so scrumptious and literally come in so many different flavours too! They’re Raw, Organic AND handmade! The Mint and the Maple chocolate are to die for he he! They’re extremely REAL and RICH so you can actually stop yourself from over-indulging – trust me!)
  • Sweet William
    (These are SOOO so yummy! You can even buy them especially for Easter in mini Easter-bunny wrappers from Woolworths he he - although they do have soy in these ones grrrr haha #worthit… in moderation lol!)
  • Loving Earth
    (Goodness gracious, I have 2 blocks of these sitting in my fridge at home right now as we speak! Mint and Choc-hazelnut mmm #drooling! Plus, these come in so many different flavours, shapes and sizes. Even the local IGA’s have supported this brand!)
  • So Free
    (Much like the ‘So Good’ ice-creams, these blocks of chocolates come in white and milk choc – both dairy free, with a blend of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar and rice.)
  • Alter Ego
    (YASS – I got given 2 of these blocks last Easter with a bottle of Red wine and let me tell you now… These babies are RICH! It’s not for the faint-hearted chocolate fan! But for the TRUE Dark choc fans out there! The Dark Twist and Dark Mint are my faves!)
  • PICO
    (Another amazing block which come in many different flavours! If you’re a coconut fan, you’re going to love this brand! It’s full of organic coconut milk, coconut nectar [for sweetener] and cocoa butter! PICO doesn’t need emulsifiers or other additives – it’s all organic using the finest organic cacaos!)
    (Oh my goodness guys… So, I saved the best till’ last here… I am absolutely OBSESSED with all the sweet, succulent wild-grown pesticide-free Dried Strawberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, Goji Berries, Pumpkin seeds, Macadamias, Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Liquorice, Sultana’s, Cherries, Ginger and even Honeycomb and more! With a layer of rich dark chocolate coats, these are always so delectable, fresh, dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, whole, Australian treats! Perfect to enjoy anytime and anywhere! Now, unfortunately you can’t just get these from your local Coles scoop & weigh haha. These babies are found in retailers like:
    - The Source Bulk Foods
    - Kunara
    - Noosa chocolate Factory’s (not just in Noosa)
    - Café Nurcha
    - Naked Foods
    - Flannerys
    - WholeHealth Pharmacy & Healthfoods
    - Even some Go Vitas!

Most the time you can google a health food shop near you and see if they do these 100% certified preservative free, non-GMO chocolate treats!)

Man, there are truly so so many goodies I could list, but all of these have to be my biggest favourites! And the amazing part is, they are all so NATURAL and ORGANIC and not filled with terrible processed sugars, preservatives and additives like most standardised dairy-filled chocolates are! So, when I say ‘Guilt-free’… What I mean is, you’re not flooding your body with crazy ingredients that really aren’t so good for you and your health, so you feel better as a whole knowing that you’re not indulging in harmful or artificial elements!
Because after you have the more natural/organic chocolates, you don’t feel so gross or leave that sitting feeling a bit icky, sick, bloated or hungry for more!
The other amazing benefit of reaching for the Dairy Free chocolates, is the pure fact that you don’t feel the need to keep on eating them!
You see, like the standard Australian chocolates, for example, a snickers bar, a flake, M&M’s or even a Caramello Koala, you’re always left wanting more and more because of the effects those ingredients in the treats have on your body and your brain! True story y’all! It’s a sugar rush and you crave more – unless you have great will-power, this can be dangerous… Especially at Easter time! I feel like this is where most people crumble with their all-or-nothing mindset haha. It’s hard to snack in moderation when the snacks are filled with sugar! But hey… It’s still doable and hats off to the champions that do it!

Then again, if at Easter you don’t feel like chocolate or Easter eggs, you could always go for the other Dairy-free treat options! How about ice-cream? Yogurt? DF Ice-creams made out of cashews, coconuts and almonds are great choices!
Heck, there’s even coconut and almond yogurt now woohoo! Has anyone here tried adding some Chocolate Adrenal Switch into their plain Coyo for a devilishly delicious guilt-free chocolate treat? Hehe, now THAT’S a good time! Oooh, ooh!! Or even try adding the Pure Essentials Chocolate Organic Plant Protein into the plain Almond yogurt… Now THAT’S another good time! Teehee.

 Well my precious Power Her sisters, I hope I helped you guys out by shedding some light on not only some DAIRY-free but GUILT-free Easter treats to get you through the Easter time he he! When you eat Dairy-Free, I promise you that you will have the will-power to stop after a few and you won’t constantly have chocolate on your mind! Yes, Easter is a good excuse to slam some choccies (it’s the one holiday of the year to do this common, we’re allowed haha) but I assure you that you’ll walk away from this Easter proud of yourself for not only treating yourself, but treating yourself, your body and your brain sensibly!

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