No Easter Blowout!!!

No Easter Blowout!!!

Who doesn’t love Easter?!! YES!!!!! it’s got to be one of my favourite times. The weather is cooling down, it’s a Long weekend, friends and family, plus the delicacy that is chocolate and hot cross buns!!! What’s not to love!!

The problem these days is once Christmas is over and the decorations on sale have been packed up, out comes the Easter goodies!!!! SEND HELP!!!

As natural consumers what do we do?? We stock up!! We see the chocolate and hot cross bun bargains; the cute pyjamas the stuffed bunny rabbits and we go nuts!! What is supposed to be a day of celebration becomes months of over spending and or indulging, followed by a binge over the weekend.

However, we all know it’s less than ideal to be snacking on these delicious tasty treats too often. So how do we prevent this vicious cycle!?

Firstly, don’t go overboard and buy every type of treat as soon as they come out!! If you really want to, buy one packet!! Eat them in moderation then stick to your goals!!

 I don’t believe the excuse of having children warrants a binge or unhealthy eating! Teach your kids early about healthy habits. They don’t need the whole shop of chocolate on Easter morning!! Make it about more than just chocolate, start cute traditions like pyjamas or books!! Show children that eating a variety of foods and exercising is important!

School holidays, road trips, long family lunches, disrupted routines, friends offering hot cross buns and enough chocolate to fill Willy Wonka’s factory make it difficult to stick to your usual healthy habits. Difficult, but not impossible. With a few easy tips and tricks, you can enjoy the four-day weekend without undoing weeks or months of hard work in the gym. AND if you do go overboard its not the end of the world you just need to get back on track ASAP.

Here are some tips on how to have your happiest, healthiest Easter yet


  1. Go for quality, not quantity

Make the decision to pay more and purchase a smaller amount of high-quality chocolate rather than the cheap mass-produced variety. The better the chocolate, the more you’ll savor every mouthful. When you take time to really enjoy the flavors and textures, it slows down the rate at which you eat, meaning you eat less and consume far fewer kilojoules. 

  1. DIY your favourite Easter treats

This year, why not have a homemade rule, where all Easter treats in the house must come from the kitchen? Buy chocolate bunny molds and make your own couverture critters or fire up the oven to make fresh hot cross buns. You’ll be able to control portion size, what goes into each recipe, and won’t have loads of sub-par confectionery left lying around the house post-Easter.

  1. Eat real eggs

Instead of gobbling down on foil-wrapped eggs, celebrate Easter morning by making real eggs for breakfast. Packed with protein, an egg-based brekkie like a veggie omelette or poached eggs on wholegrain toast will keep you fuller for longer, so you’ll be less likely to reach for the chocolate variety later in the day.

  1. Focus on what’s important to you 

What’s more important – indulging in chocolate just because everyone else is, or reaching your weight loss goals? If you are a person who has a strong faith, concentrate on your beliefs over this time to motivate you and guide you in the right direction. If you don’t have strong religious beliefs, channel your focus into the people who are important to you and enjoying time with them. 

  1. Don’t touch Easter eggs or hot cross buns before Good Friday 

The supermarkets might want us to believe that Easter starts the week after Christmas but in reality, it’s four days, so leave the chocolate eggs, bunnies and hot cross buns for Good Friday at the earliest. It’s only a few days away now, and your Easter treat will taste SOOO much sweeter when you haven’t gorged in the weeks leading up to the long weekend.  

  1. Continue to exercise over the Easter period

There really are no excuses for not exercising over Easter. Most of our clubs are open over the long weekend, so check your gym's timetable for public holiday hours. If you have time off work, take the opportunity to go walking, hiking, have a hit of tennis, play with your children, jump on a trampoline or head down to the park to kick a footy around. Planning an Easter egg hunt for your kids? Don’t just stand on the sidelines, get involved! Running around the yard helping them find eggs is a great way to sneak in some exercise on Easter morning (and is way more fun than being a spectator). 

  1. Balance your calorie intake with other meals 

Sometimes the pressures we place on ourselves can feed feelings of failure and deprivation. Be realistic and have a small treat if you choose to. Let go of guilt and forgive your little hiccups so you can enjoy your Easter break. If you’re going to indulge in a bit of chocolate, try to balance out your kilojoule consumption by having smaller and lighter meals throughout the day. Either cut portion sizes, substitute one meal for another (e.g. swap a sandwich for a salad) or go without something you would normally eat (e.g. your regular morning latte).  Choose seafood - with all the seafood that will be around for this good Friday, it makes it easy to stay healthy – just stick to the grilled variety (avoid the deep fried) and if you do feel like chips with your grilled fish or salmon I always go the sweet potato fries baked in the oven. I personally reckon they taste better than the deep-fried kind

  1. Avoid soft drinks filled with sugar - I keep saying it but soft drinks are a major killer of your waistlines as they are dead calories, contain way too much sugar and they add up quickly. The high sugar also spikes your insulin levels and makes you hungry which will then lead you to eat more so try and stick to the H2o
  2. Have healthy alternatives on hand

Ensure any chocolate leftovers are given away, put out of your reach and not eaten after the Easter long weekend. Have a platter of chopped fresh fruit available in the fridge to cater for sweet cravings when they strike, or keep a low-calorie nutritious hot chocolate drink in the pantry Like Adrenal Switch if you think you'll need something chocolate-y..

The best rule of thumb is everything in moderation. Eating without awareness is the biggest contributing factor to expanding waistlines over Easter, so remember to make each choice this Easter a conscious one, and whatever you do – keep moving!

There you have it!! Enjoy the Easter period AND stay on track to your goals– you really can have your chocolate and eat it too! 😉

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