ISO Beauty Hacks

ISO Beauty Hacks

Iso Beauty Hacks


So we have all found ourselves in Isolation and our Beauty Salons are all Closed and we are all probably feeling a bit on the Bleh side. Can I start off by saying there is zero shame in feeling like you're not yourself simply because you probably have gone a few extra days without washing your hair. Maybe make up makes you feel better about yourself, or simply having your nails/eyebrows done makes you feel more together. This is all absolutely fair enough, its our little indulgent we do for ourselves and life has turned upside down and everything has changed all at once.

I've made a list on a few things you can do while in Iso to pep you up and make you feel slightly more like your old self.


Tint your Eyebrows-

There is a really easy and simple way to do this using those 100hour Tints that you can find in your local Coles or Woolies. Just a note on this they tell you to leave it on for 3 mins -I highly advise against this unless you want to look like an Angry Bird, 30-60 seconds is enough and you can always repeat if you want it darker. Keep in mind that they can still develop a bit after you remove the tint.


Discover BB/CC or mineral Powders-

Staying make up Free is always going to be best for your skin, however if you're not ready to fully embrace the "no I'm not sick this is just my face" look then this is a great time to simply get on the BB/CC cream wagon.

Arbonne has a fabulous CC cream which also doubles up as an all round skin care product. This won't block your pores or anything nasty like that in fat it will help nourish your skin and keep it hydrated.

A more budget product would be Natio Tinted Moisturiser. This actually has decent coverage and also has SPF in it for those times you venture to your backward for some Vit D.

Another Product I love and is what I personally use when I travel to places like Bali is Fitcover. It's a Powder that gives great coverage and evens skin tones and again won't block pores and cause you skin issues.


Put on a Fake Tan-

There are so many easily applied Tanning Mousses and Creams out there. If you're going to use a mousse, apply it with a tanning Mit! Easiest way!
Make sure you exfoliate before with those exfoliating gloves (another way to make yourself feel good) and don't use Deo under your arms (unless you like the look of green under your arms)

Bondi Sands tends to Rule this category but Le Tan also are great.


Pop on some False Nails-

You can buy a Nailene kit from Kmart with 100 or so nails in them and they stay on fairly well! Usually can get a week or so out of them. Paint them in any colours you want and change it up each week.


Give yourself your own Pedi-

Soak your feet in a bowl/foot spa if you're fancy, with some essentials oils. Use a pumice stone/ foot file and scrub away any calus built up on your heels.

Give your nails a trim/File then paint. Very simple and effect and i don't know about you all but i feel so much cleaner when i have my toes painted!


Colour your hair at home-

I can say I never get my hair coloured at a Salon these days, its literally been years since i've had it coloured, I just do it myself with a Semi Permanent once a year maybe twice if I'm feeling like it, having dark hair this is easy but there are ones out there for Blondes to. Hairdressers are still currently open, however Colouring your hair isn't exactly essential.



If you're like me and you get lash extensions because without them you look you're bald and just not right this time might have you feeling rather Bald! this is where you can easily add strip lashes. Get some Duo Glue to use to apply them as the ones that come with them are open not that great. The one set of lashes you can get a few goes out of and if you're not applying any mascara (which there isn't any point) you could easily get a week or more out of the 1 set.


Finally skincare-

We might be used to getting our facials/ skin needling/ Microdermabrasion or the likes.

There are defiantly lots of home treatments you can use to have you feeling amazing.

Lonvitalite has the best Dermal roller which gives you similar results to skin needling and hurts so much less! Team it up with a hyloronic Acid serum and this is going to be your new favorite treatment I guarantee you!

Injex has an amazing exfoliant that uses little micro beads as well as Enzymes and brightening ingredients like licorice to give you that similar feeling to Microdermabrasion.

Any of the Image Skincare masques are also SOOO great to use at home, they are that great those same masques are also used in professional treatments you receive in a salon.

Otherwise any of those Sheet masks are super easy and fun to scare your Husband/Partner with when walking around with it on.


So thats my Handy Hacks to help make you feel more yourself during this time of Isolation. Don't feel like you have to let yourself go. If treating yourself makes you feel better then thats exactly what you should do! All these make up free people on Social Media but thats not your thing? The put that face of make up on! Rock it! We all have our own ways of feeling good and we need so much more of that in our lives espeically during these times!


Stay Safe + Wash your Hands + Do you!


Sarah Jane






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