About Power Her


Power Her is Australia’s destination for the most recognisable and trusted brands within the health industry. Founded in 2018 Power Her stocks an extensive range of quality vitamins, supplements and natural health products to enhance your general health.

Power Her came about when we discovered the LACK of support for women who are trying to live better lives for themselves. There was no ONE STOP place for all things relating to women’s health and wellness as well as supplement knowledge. Where could we go to see how things affect other women, where can we read about other women’s experiences and gain knowledge. Where can we go to be lifted.

What is Power Her?            

Power Her is a group of strong and independent women that are going to change the world! How you ask? Through education, motivation, relatable life experiences, qualifications and above all recognition of the lives we live and what we, as woman must power through and how we do that.

We have an amazing team of educated and experienced women who come from all walks of life and have relatable stories, hardships and obstacles.

Our aim is to Educate woman on the power of mind, body and soul

 *Be a resource for education and understanding of goals we want to reach in life   

*Help woman understand physical health will help your mental health

* Create a space where you can gain knowledge and ask questions to gain education on when it   comes to Exercise, nutrition and supplements without feeling intimidated

* Create a space where women can come together and empower and support each other

*Create a space where you can grow and be yourself and be celebrated for it

*Create a space where you have a voice that will be heard and listened to help you through whatever you’re going through

We absolutely stand by our word and pride ourselves and excel in Woman’s Wellness, Empowering Woman and Health and Fitness for women.

Nutrition, Supplementation, and what we put in our body is what we know.

We are real women, with real lives! Beauty, skin care, makeup and feeling good on the outside.

Mental Health and awareness and understanding you’re not alone, Women specific issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis, menopause and men.

Motherhood, Children and the obstacles that may arise from mothers who have been through it all.

How we will do this:

Blogs and information articles

A Woman’s only Forum both on our website and Facebook

Videos and plans to help steer you in the right direction

Working together and confidentially supporting each other

Being a resource, you can reach out to at any time for support, motivation and help on any network platform that works for you!

 What does this mean for you? It means any obstacle your facing in life, whether it be mental or physical, easy or hard, confusing or frightening we will help!

If you are searching for answers and advice…we are here to help!!

Or if you are just looking for a supplement bargain then we can also help with that here!

Power on ladies

To contact POWER HER please email