Power Her is a group of strong and independent women aiming to change the world through education, motivation and above all recognition of the lives we lead and what we, as woman must power through!

Our team of educated women come from all walks of life and have relatable lives and stories.

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Meet your Empowerment Team

  • Sarah Jane

    Beauty Therapist /Bikini Pro
    Sarah Jane is a mum of one, Owner of Beauty By SJ and an International Bikini Pro Competitor! She is an avid Mental Health ambassador and Endo Warrior. Sarah Jane credits her health and fitness lifestyle for over coming and managing anxiety and depression. Sarah Jane shares her real and raw life stories and beauty tips on our blogs.
  • Tegan Morris

    Podiatrist/ Bikini Competitor
    Tegan is a mum of 2 and a registered Podiatrist. She started lifting weights to prevent a family history of Osteoporosis, but fell in love with how it positively impacted her mental health and well-being. Last year she started in competitive bodybuilding taking home many 1st places. Tegan loves connecting with women and mums about all things self care and love. Tegan also enjoys the outdoors a loves the positive impact nature has on the body and mind.
  • Reannan Rhodes

    Project Administration/Bikini Pro
    Reannan first became interested in nutrition & fitness at age 20 and was often the only female in the weights area at the gym. Now 10 years later, Reannan loves seeing other strong women lifting weights and taking care of their health.
  • Laura Muncey

    Beauty Therapist/Pro Figure Competitor
    Laura is a strong believer in women supporting each other to achieve their goals. She is passionate about being a positive role model for other women pursuing their fitness goals and showing women that strength training can be so empowering and that they will still remain feminine despite the fallacy that "weights make you bulky".
  • Emma Lachlan

    Project Manager/Fitness Pro Competitor
    Emma is a very bubbly and passionate health and fitness advocate. She seeks to motivate all humans in any way possible to find a balance between work and play. Emma understands the mental struggles women can face when it comes to a healthy relationship with food. She likes to get creative in the kitchen and loves the outdoors and the natural remedies nature offers.
  • Natasha Elford

    Personal Trainer/Fitness Pro Competitor
    Natasha or Tash as most know her as served in the Army for 5 and a half years. She is currently studying sports nutrition. Tash loves helping people get through mental health issues and her future studies will be in mental health. Tash loves everything about health and fitness and is determined to finish everything she sets herself out to do. She wants to inspire women and show them that you can have a beautiful balanced lifestyle while enjoying your time in the gym. She believes it should be a lifestyle not a chore
  • Nicole Anne

    Personal trainer / Nutritional Councillor
    Nicole is Qualified personal trainer and nutritional councillor. As a mother of three young children she lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle and knows firsthand the importance of a support network. Read about all things from nutrition, supplements to lifestyle topics.
  • Rhianna Healy

    Nutrition & Dietetics Student
    Rhianna is currently in her final years of nutrition and dietetics and loves spending time being outdoors or in the gym weightlifting. She is extremely passionate about holistic health with both nutrition and exercise playing integral roles in a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Rhianna is a strong advocate for being active, eating nutritiously and also supporting and helping others in their health and fitness journey.
  • Michelle Frangiosa

    Medical Sonographer/ Fitness Competitor
    Michelle is a Sonographer and proud Mum of 3 children. She is passionate about fellow Mums living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, and is currently studying a Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness. She loves spending time in the kitchen creating healthy recipes. Competing for the first time in 2019, she has fallen in love with the sport of body building and loves starting the day lifting weights.
  • Rebecca Lorraine

    Massage Therapist
    Rebecca is a passionate massage therapist and Bikini competitor. She lives a healthy balanced lifestyle, and understand the importance of taking care of your body. Rebecca shares valuable education in her blogs to help with your healthy, happy body.
  • Kobee Byrne

    Service manager/ Bikini Pro Competitor
    Kobee has always found fitness to be a big part of her life. She loves supporting and encouraging other women to achieve their health and fitness goals. Kobee is a strong advocate for all things health and fitness and trying everything at least once. Her passion is weight lifting & competing and her dedication to this has resulted in great successes. Kobee is also great at making creative Macro friendly meals!