ATP Block E3


ATP - Block E3 - Standing Tube Black 200ml

Block E3 is a muscle tone enhancement product from ATP designed to reduce water and fat retention to help you obtain the smooth and tight muscles you desire. This solution was created to shape and sculpt your body by shedding blowing away those fat deposits.

High levels of oestrogen in the body can result in a reduction in muscle mass as well as muscle fibre reduction. In men, higher levels of oestrogen can stimulate the body to produce more fat cells.
In women, high oestrogen levels can result in pockets of fat which are concentrated on the thigh, hips, lower abdomen and buttocks. Using Block E3 ATP Science can reduce aromatase activity, which is the reason for increased oestrogen and reduced testosterone.
What’s in here?
This body-shaping solution that has been designed to be fat’s worse enemy. The ingredients in the formulation contains three primary ingredients, which work together in preventing the conversion of testosterone into oestrogen, which also helps in blocking oestrogen activity.
Midnight Horror (or oroxylum indicum) is a potent aromatase activity inhibitor known to block oestrogen receptor sites.
Bladderwrack (or fucus vesiculosus) has also been reported to inhibit aromatase activity.
Black pepper oil helps in transdermal absorption of the Block E3