ATP Science Multi food (Original Formula)

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Multifood by ATP Science is a 100% natural non-synthetic multivitamin. This Multi-Vitamin is one of our best selling products, and our friends at ATP Science firmly believe that this is a product that everybody could benefit from. Through modern farming practices we now mass produce our food at a faster rate, this has led to fewer nutrients in the soil and less time in the soil, meaning lower amounts of nutrients in our food! That's why it's so important to support your nutritional intact of essential micronutrients with a good multivitamin like Mutifood.

Multifood is made up of 100% organically sourced, plant material that yields a standardized nutrient content. The fact that the ingredients and vitamins in Multifood are 100% natural means it is a lot easier for your body to absorb (AKA high bioavailability). The nutrients in Multifood will go towards helping many functions in the body including energy production, brain health, and muscle recovery.