Ketologic Go BHB



Boost your ketones to achieve or maintain ketosis.

Reduce your cravings.

Suppress your appetite.

Increase your energy.

Clear your brain fog.

KetoLogic® BHB can help with all that and more! It’s a great tasting and refreshing source of exogenous ketones, which support ketosis and weight loss.

It works for everyone, including those on a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

Drink KetoLogic® BHB to fuel your workouts, when you need an energy boost, or when you are fighting a snack craving. It also replenishes your electrolytes to help minimize or prevent symptoms associated with the Keto Flu.



~Suppresses Appetite†*
~Boosts Ketones†
~Fuels Mental Performance†
~Contains Electrolytes
~No Sugar
~No Artificial Sweeteners and Flavors