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Gorilla Warfare Jacked Protein supplements your protein intake which is essential for muscle protein synthesis – the repair and building of muscle tissue. WPI and WPC offer a mix of fast and medium digesting proteins – perfect for post-workout, between meals, or before bed. 25g whey protein is the ideal amount for optimising muscle protein synthesis.

Why you should use it:

Adequate protein intake is essential for maintaining health. When undertaking resistance training (going to the gym) the body’s requirement for protein increases. Supplementing with Jacked Protein helps you meet your body’s requirement for recovery and muscle growth – helping you get the maximum results for your efforts as well as reducing the time of muscle soreness.

Who should use it:

Almost everyone can benefit from taking whey protein. Whether you’re aiming to increase lean muscle or lose weight, studies have shown whey protein to have benefits for both.

How to use it:

Take one serve (25g protein) post-workout. To supplement your protein intake further take another 1-2 serves per day between meals.