Rapid Pre Vegan Pre-workout



Supported by scientific research Rapid Pre combines quality patented ingredients with a complete transparent nutritional label that will deliver results every time. The key to top performance begins with energy and focus. Rapid Pre is a unique combination of Caffeine + Teacrine™ +Dynamine™ that really gives you the best of all worlds. You get the immediate feelings of alertness, energy, mood and mental clarity with the Caffeine + Dynamine™ combo then Teacrine™ kicks in and you enter a steady state of energy that lasts for hours.


Rapid Pre is a high quality pre-workout designed to help you shatter your workouts, the ingredient list includes:


DynamineOne of the hottest new patented ingredients to hit the market. Dynamine™ may increase energy, focus and mood, all without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.

Caffeine: May increase energy levels, boost focus and elevate calorie expenditure especially during exercise.

Teacrine®: Is a patent pending compound which may increase energy, focus, mental clarity, improved motivation and mood, all with no crash to deliver a smooth lift in energy to break through training plateaus and reduce fatigue.

L-Citrulline Malate: May increase blood flow to your muscles allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered and also enhance PUMP.

Beta Alanine: Can work as a lactic acid buffer, with reduction in lactic acid build up in our muscle tissues which means you can get more REPS.

Synephrine HCL : Helps to increase your energy and mental focus.

Astragin : Astragin enhances absorption of nutrients so much it has been shown to increase amino acid uptake by up to 67%. It has other benefits as well including Gut health, Immune support and increasing protein synthesis


Take one half scoop (6.4 g) for experienced users take one scoop (12.8 g ) in 250 ml of water 20 minutes before exercise, preferably on an empty stomach.